Huadi Electronics 2020 Safety (Fire fighting) Knowledge Training Meeting


Further effectively pay attention to the company's work safety, enhance the staff's awareness of production safety. In the afternoon of June 10th, the company organized the leaders of all production departments and the relevant production personnel at the grass-roots level, and invited Mr. Zhang from Cross-management Testing (Wenzhou) Co., Ltd. to carry out the staff safety production knowledge education and training for us.

In the training class, Teacher Zhang played PPT and a series of "vivid" videos, so that everyone should fully realize that safety production is people-oriented, the need to build a harmonious society, is the need of economic benefits of enterprises, is the need of every employee involved in production. While focusing on quality and promotion, we should focus on production safety, enhance safety awareness and attach great importance to production safety in everyone's mind.

Through this work safety education and training, the concept of work safety will be more deeply rooted in people's minds and lay a foundation for the future work of work safety.

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